Another win for Team Polaris: Successful Self-Employment Case of a Football Coach from China

Our client is a football coach. In Canada, Sports coaching is a qualified profession. Our client has a personal studio and cooperates with a local Chinese company to train Chinese children to play football. Our team worked towards determining if our client can successfully become a Self-Employed Football Coach in Canada.

The client had studied coaching courses in Europe and had a coaching certificate recognized by UEFA and the FA. But sport training is a professional field. Our team at Polaris Strategy cooperated with football clubs and schools in Ontario to showcase the job opportunities of local free football coaches, proving that our client can build his own business in Canada.

Application process:

  1. October 30, 2017: Submitted a complete set of application to the immigration office.
  2. February 7, 2018: Received the Federal File Number issued by the Immigration Service.

3. October 7, 2018: Received the notice of supplementary materials issued by the Immigration Bureau.

4. January 17, 2019: Received interview notice.

5. April 7, 2019: Received the notice of medical examination.

6. July 5, 2019: Obtained the Canadian Permanent Resident Visa.

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