Team Polaris scores a big win for Ontario Immigration Nominee Program (OINP) Client!

On August 18, the Ontario Immigration Bureau announced that a handful provincial nominees for international students would be opened on August 19th. As the province with the most international students in Canada, the degree of competition for provincial nomination places for international students in Ontario is imaginable.

From the 18th to the morning of the 19th, all Polaris employees were actively involved and finally helped multiple clients successfully grab valuable places in the program.

Today, more than two months later, the client Xiao Liu received the provincial nomination confirmation letter, and immediately shared his joy with team Polaris.

“I have been studying in Toronto for four years. I really like the life here and I hope to stay here forever,” said Mr. Liu s. “My major is a bit unpopular. After graduation, I submitted a few resumes, but the results were not ideal. After discussing with my family, I found Polaris and entrusted them with work and immigration. Hence proved, it was a right decision.”

Our consultant communicated with Mr. Liu many times and after understanding his situation in detail, he used his employer resources to quickly match him with a suitable employer.

Although the requirements for the Ontario Immigration Nominee program are not too high as compared to other programs, as long as you can meet the conditions, you can apply for a provincial nomination to complete your immigration process. It can be said that most international students in Ontario can apply for this program.

Because of the lower requirements and fast speed of this program, it has become very popular. There are a large number of immigration agencies and individual applicants who will participate in the competition at the same time. If you don’t pay attention, you will miss the opportunity.

“I heard from my classmates a long time ago that the provincial nomination for international students in Ontario is particularly difficult to grab. Some seniors have not grabbed it for two years, so they have to apply for other projects.” Xiao Liu said with a smile: “There are so many students in Ontario, if I rely on myself, I might not get it at all. Fortunately, I have the foresight and asked Polaris to help me grab it.”

Polaris did not disappoint Mr. Liu. Although the provincial nomination for international students in Ontario was only open for less than an hour on the 19th, in the end Polaris still successfully grabbed the

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