OINP announces its intention to enact regulatory amendments for Employer Job Offer Stream

Today the OINP announced it’s intention to enact regulatory amendments that will alter the application procedure to the Employer Job Offer: Foreign Worker Stream, the Employer Job Offer: International Student Stream, the Employer Job Offer: In-Demand Skills Stream, the Master’s Graduate Stream, and the PhD Graduate Stream. The proposed change will introduce an Expression of Interest (EOI) system to these streams. Under the current system applicants apply on a first-come first-served basis to these streams. These programs are now so popular however that it is often very difficult for even well qualified applicants to get a slot to apply. In addition, because it is first-come, first-served a marginally qualified applicant who registers quickly, will be able to apply when a much better qualified, but slower to act applicant will be shut out.

Under the new proposal the OINP will establish a points system, and applicants will register and receive a score based on their qualifications and characteristics. The OINP would then be able to select the highest scoring applicants from all those who have registered and invite them to submit an application. The OINP has not yet released details of the scoring system it will use. This proposal represents a major change to the way the OINP works. The job-offer streams in particular were among the most attractive in Canada for less qualified applicants, since those streams did not compare applicants against each other at any point. This change, if enacted, will bring these streams more into line with programs offered by other provinces, and will change the competition for spaces from a test of speed, to a test of qualification.

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